Thursday, January 15, 2009


Women are complicated and biologically different than men but our society, the medical and insurance industry and the institutions that they support are effecting a penalty on women and those who care for them for simply being female. Lost in the debate for many people on the value of national, local, public, and private healthcare is just how gendered health care is.

Much of this industry has the vestiges of centuries old modernization schemes where women were inspected, probed, and legitimated by a health care profession advocating sanitation but also putting the weight on them while men enjoyed broader freedoms and the larger manifestations of the state were reinforced.

In the recent era, advancements in medicine and the importance of early screening are promoted, but there is an onus put on women to be a tempest of medical industrial activity for a litany of lesser issues. Women are used as springboard to spread the messages of this industry to all around them and often they help perpetuate their conditions and entrapment in the web of this industry as they simply try to survive and make the lives of those around them better.

What could be done much more efficiently is drawn out. Attention that could be given is narrowed. A culture of fear is promoted next to a culture of well being. Furthermore, life which is both a basic right and a basic foundation for rights is simply much more expensive for them.

Women can be an anchor for a family or a community but these circumstances make them an albatross than can sink them and those around them. Men and women stay in jobs they hate to support them. People make different plans for their lives because of what could happen. Boys and girls grow up differently with expectations about themselves and their own care that can be distorted and troubling. Relationships are based, twisted, or destroyed by these concerns.

Before the skin is punctured by a needle or a bandage is put on a wound, people should ask what is the true damage being done to women and our society and why do we allow it to happen?

Eddie Hernandez

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